Christmas Season of love

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December comes and brings along the festive spirit of peace and love and brings family and friends together in celebrating the goodness of the season. The streets are filled with warm greetings and carols that makes one’s heart be filled with the tunes of joy as one hums along the evergreen carols. The kid’s Nativity Christmas play refreshes the mind on the great old story with a cute touch.

A never ending shopping list adds to the scene, Men looks out for the trending gift collections ,while the ladies scouts  to make the perfect fashion statement of the season and children excited about all the newly  realized toy collection brings about the mad rush in the stores.

It’s the perfect holiday season to stay back home and light it up with stars and decorating it with huge Christmas trees, advent ring and nativity sets as the carols plays along. Ah! What a joy to pace down life from its hustle and bustle and sit together in oneness to share a delicious meal and speak about the adventures throughout the year – a much needed catch-up, in today’s busy world.

A greeting card to one’s grandparents living in a distant corner or one video call to a childhood friend brings so much happiness to receiver and giver. Small acts of kindness and love is the nuance of the season, because the world today yearns for all of this and when you give, you receive – keep spreading cheer and love.

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